Pet Friendly Myrtle Beach

Best Local Pet Friendly Restaurants

Listed Below Is A Wide Assortment Of Restaurants In The Grand Strand Area That Welcomes ALL Members Of The Family

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Note: All the best local pet friendly restaurants offer outdoor or patio seating (not inside the restaurant.) You might want to give them a call before you go to make sure no rules have been changed.

Tips for dog parents....
With temperatures in the 80s and 90s here in the summer, your best friend can easily become dehydrated. Keep a bottle of cool water handy! This is especially true when you take your dog to one of the local dog parks. Although the dog parks are shaded in places, it is important that your dog rest in the shade after romping around the dog park. Also, there are special sunscreens for dogs. Put ice cubes in your dog's water dish and encourage him/her to stretch out on the cool tiles. Take your dog to any of the dog-friendly restautants listed above.