Sports Team Group Travel in North Myrtle Beach

Your sports team travel guide to playing on the field and relaxing on the beach!

North Myrtle Beach is home to some competitive, exciting and most importantly fun sporting competitions. When your team comes to North Myrtle Beach to compete, let Retreat Myrtle Beach show you what true southern hospitality is all about. Our office and the majority of our properties are within 2.5 miles of the new North Myrtle Beach Sports Complex, so you can be on time and ready to rock and roll. Start planning your trip now by choosing your perfect vacation rental condo below and good luck at your competition!

Rental Dates for 2022 Students/Groups under 25:

FEB 26-MAR 4

MAR  5-11

MAR 12-18

MAR 19-25

MAR 26-APR 1

APR 2-8

APR 9-15