Retreat Myrtle Beach FAQ

General Answers to Your Myrtle Beach Questions

1. Do we need to bring linens?

You can provide your own linens (top sheet, bottom sheet, pillowcases,

towels and washcloths) or you can rent a package at $25 per bed.


2. What are the pet rules on the beach?

May 15-September 15 – before 9 am and after 5 pm

September 15-May 15 – 24/7

The City of North Myrtle Beach also has a leash law.


3. Can we smoke in the units?

All units are non-smoking – you are welcome to smoke outside the

unit – picking up your litter, of course. Exception: Crescent Dunes is a non-smoking property.


4. Are there local restaurants close by?

There are many restaurants in the area – from casual to high-end.


5. Are the kitchens fully equipped?

The kitchens are fully equipped with all dishes/pots/pans, glasses,

silverware, all major appliances, microwave, toaster, and coffeepot.

We do not provide blenders.


6. Can our pets go in the pool?

Pets are prohibited by DHEC from being in the pools.


7. Are there beach chairs available?

Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent from the lifeguards. The deck furniture cannot be taken to the beach.


8. Are beach wheelchairs available in the area?

There are several rental agencies that have beach wheelchairs, as well as the area Chamber of Commerce


9. Will students be in the units along with family groups?

We do rent to students during specific times during the year. Family groups and student groups are not put together.


10. How many parking places will I get?

Different units have a various number of parking places – at least 2 per unit.


11. Can I bring my motorcycle?

All but 2 of our units allow motorcycles.


12. Do you rent to students?

We do rent to students at specific times of the year. Families and students are not put together.


13. Can I mail monthly payments?

Absolutely, our typical payment plan is 30 and 90 days before arrival. You are more than welcome to send a check each month if that is easier. You will be paid in full 30 days prior to arrival.


14. How far in advance can I reserve a unit?

You can reserve a unit one year in advance.


15. Do I get the first option for the next year?

Our current renters get the first option for the same week/same unit the following year.


16. Is there internet access?

All of our units now have internet access. We also have a computer station set up at our office.


17. Can I rent for 3 nights during the summer?

During the peak season, we rent Saturday-Saturday, except for last-minute calls based on availability.


18. Are the units air-conditioned?

All units are air-conditioned.


19. Where do we pick up our keys?

You will pick up your keys at our office:

500 Main Street, N. Myrtle Beach 

There is a lockbox system for after-hours arrivals.


20. Are the pools heated?

Our pools are not heated.