Myrtle Beach Pet Friendly Resources



North Myrtle Beach – Leash Law
Dogs in public must be on a leash at all times.
Beach Rules: Dogs are permitted on the beach as follows:
May 15-September 15 before 9am and after 5pm
September 15-May 15 24/7

- Please have up-to-date vaccination record and health certificate from your veterinarian.
- Always clean up after your dog by using a poop bag or pooper scooper
- Do not let your dog visit with other beach-goers or dogs, unless welcomed.
- A flea collar can be rendered useless if wet with ocean water.
- Apply sunscreen to pet’s sensitive areas such as nose and ears.
- Pets will need shade while on the beach.
- Initiate your pet’s first experience with the ocean slowly; he will come to love it as much as you do.
- If using an official off-leash area, your dog needs to be well-behaved and must listen to your verbal commands.
- In an off-leash area, always pay attention to your dog.


- Pets should not be left alone in the unit if they will bark. All renters will have pets and want to enjoy their vacation
- Pets cannot swim in the rental unit pool.
- Please use outside showers to rinse the beach sand from your pet. Most units have tile and wood floors, but sweeping will be necessary.
- Pets are not permitted on our furniture and comforters. Please feel free to bring your pets' favorite blanket or bedding.
- Litter boxes should not be placed near a bed – fabric will absorb smells
- When your pet potties in the grassy areas, always carry bags or scoopers
- Pets cannot be chained or tethered to unit decks, etc.
- Don’t forget, just like “humans” pets will need an adjust time as well – to get used to the rental unit and the surroundings – please do not leave your pet upon arrival until he/she is settled !!

There is a reasonable fee associated with bringing your pet on vacation.

Our current fees are as follows: Small pets (under 35lbs)

$50 for your entire stay Large pets (over 35lbs) $100 for your entire stay