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Tips for Traveling With Pets

Please take a moment and read the following suggestions. We have compiled a list of items that we think may be useful during your vacation. Please be a responsible pet owner - this means that pets should always be picked up after and pet hair should be removed from the unit prior to departure. We charge for BASIC departure housekeeping, not pet cleaning service. Please observe the rules set forth and do not allow pets to sleep on rental property bedding or furniture. In the event of additional cleaning and laundering services due to pet hair, Retreat Myrtle Beach, Inc reserves the right to charge for additional cleaning.

When packing for your trip you will need:

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  • Veterinarian's documents for your pet
  • Your pet should be micro-chipped and/or wearing a collar with your information on it
  • Your carrier or crate, complete with identification
  • A leash and an extra collar. Make sure your pet isn't wearing a choke collar of any kind. Cats should be wearing a safety collar.
  • In the car-extra sheets or an old blanket for under the carrier
  • A couple of sheets to cover furniture and/or the bed at your destination (Retreat Myrtle Beach, Inc)
  • A blanket or cushion from your pets' home bedding
  • A container of your pets' food. If your pet eats a common food and you know that it is available, you need not bring a whole bag (don't forget a can opener and spoon)
  • Distilled water or water from your home. Two gallons should be sufficient but if you see that you are running lower than a gallon, add a part of the destination water to the home water so that your pet can get acclimated to the other water in a diluted form
  • Of course, your pets food and water dish and a portable water container for traveling to your destination
  • Backpack for your dog if you plan to be hiking or walking
  • Their favorite chew toys
  • Treats
  • Grooming supplies such as a comb or brush
  • A lint remover for rental property, tweezers, scissors
  • Good suggestions: bring along baby wipes as they are great for keeping paws clean and for clean up of any accidents.
  • Trash bags and waste removal bags. This is North Myrtle Beach City law/ordinance
  • Disinfectant and carpet cleaner
  • Extra old towels
  • Pet medication
  • Flashlight for late night walks
  • First aid kit for humans and pets
  • Newspaper, a full litter pan and extra liners for your cat.




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North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582-4345


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