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Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals for Family Reunions

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Family reunions are all about catching up with your loved ones, recounting old memories and making new ones. Whether your family consists of blood relatives from near and far or close friends that you have always considered family, a Myrtle Beach family reunion provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable experience. Browse our North Myrtle Beach vacation rentals to find the property perfect for your family reunion.

Myrtle Beach offers something for everyone in your group. For those golf lovers, Myrtle Beach is the perfect place to unwind, since most of the over 100 exceptional courses are open to the public. Many of them also offer special deals for a family-friendly golfing experience, such as kids play free and group packages.

The beach is, of course, a destination in itself for those who want to enjoy a little adventure during their Myrtle Beach family reunion! Rent a couple of jet skis, or kayak nearby creeks, inlets or the ocean for a peaceful day exploring the beauty of Myrtle Beach.

For the more adventurous of the group, nearby facilities for parasailing and surfing of the traditional, wind, and also kite variety, should do the trick. The soft sands of Myrtle Beach are also perfect for those who want to bring a chair and just relax and watch the grandkids play in the sand while catching up with their loved ones.

The foodies among you will love the culinary paradise that is North Myrtle Beach. Options from fancy to simple and fresh abound nearby, and of course your Myrtle Beach taste experience won't be complete without trying local specialties like calabash-style seafood, roasted oysters, and of course, a classic shrimp boil.

Prefer to catch your own fresh seafood? Come home and grill it up at one of our many family- and group-friendly accommodations. Check out our listings that accommodate 14 or more to find the perfect place for your family to come together on Myrtle Beach and enjoy the old-fashioned togetherness that families need to make those new memories that will last a lifetime.

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Some great family reunion ideas....

A Family Recipe Book

*Create a family recipe book using the favorite recipe (or a few of them) from each family. Collect the recipes beforehand (it makes you look organized) and put them into a word processor. You can include food and family-related clipart to spice up the book's look. Make sure you give credit to all the contributors. Everyone likes to see their name in print, even when the only people to see it will be their family. Print a copy of all the recipes and take them to your local copy shop. They can put them together in a book format and bind them for you.

An Online Photo Album

*Make an Online Photo Album for your family vacation by using one of the following sites: