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Slow down signs of aging

Over our lifetime, we contiually expose our body to things that cause us harm.  These things add up and cause harm by upsetting our body's chemistry balance, damaging tissues, disrupting hormones, compromising immune function, and inhibiting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

According to Dr. William Rawls, these things that cause aging and disease can be referred to as "system disruptors".  Though genetics play a role in defining risk, those genes do not make you sick.  Therefore, we can fight against how our bodies respond to disease, even genetic, inherited disease factors.

Natural herbal supplements are an essential part of this concept.  "When it comes to inhibiting disease, plants have a greater expertise than all the scientists in the world put together!" says Rawls.  Over thousands of years, plants have had to deal with the same problems we have and have developed defense mechanisms against most major threats to them.  Look for supplements containing pure, natural ingredients, vegetable capules when available and no "junk".

So what are these major System Disruptors?  They include:  Poor nutrition, Emotional Stress, Free Radicals and Inflammation, Toxins, Physical Stress, Energy (our body's own naturual energy and background radiation from gamma rays, x-rays and UV radiation), and Microbes.

Simple lifestyle changes such as washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer, avoiding heavy crowded public places when possible, staying home to rest and hydrate when sick-lessoning the spread of illness, limiting use of cell phones and laptops, increasing exercise (even standing at your desk for 1/3 of your work day), adding calming exercise like yoga or meditation to relieve stress, drinking filtered water and aiming for a diet of 75% organic food will significantly decrease signs of aging and help avoid disease.   

The best thing we can do for our body is to treat it well!  We are what we eat to a large degree.  The more we support our immune system, the better our body can do what it is so capable of doing......healing itself.  We have a choice!  And it can save us money!

Kale: Full of Iron for Energy!

Do you ever wonder if your multivitamin is good enough?  Would you rather learn to eat the vitamin and obtain it the way nature intended?  Here's some help on the power vitamins in some of our favorite foods.

Let's start with the greens.....

Kale:  contains lots of iron for energy and goes well with spinach, lemon, and chard.

Spinach:  lots of fiber and iron.  Pairs with apple, beets, and lemon

Lime:  Detoxifying flavonoids!! Great with cilantro, jalapeno, melon

Cucumber:  Contains potassium!  Get it daily by adding wedges into your water!

Horseradish:  Sinus buster!!  helps clear sinuses and goes well with celery, carrots and lemons

Apple:  filled with cholesterol regulating pectin.  Great in salads, added to 

water, or by itself

Cilantro:  has antibacterial properties! pairs with lime, orange, and tomatoes

Now for the rest of the rainbow.....

Beets:  packed with energy-boosting antioxidants.  Goes well with cucumber, carrot, apple, and lime

Pear:  contains tons of soluble fiber to help with digestion!  Mix with cucumber, celery, leafy greens or water. 

Carrot:  Beta-carotene! Pairs with beet, parsley (which has zinc), and great for juicing!

Orange:  Well known for potassium and vitamin C!  Add grapefruit, lemon, and or cilantro for citrus detox!

Pineapple: Manganese for brain function and bromelain for digestion and anti-inflammatory.  Pairs well with

ginger, leafy greens and most herbs.

Watermelon:  Full of vitamin B6 (essential for healthy metabolism) and goes great with mint, basil, and lime.

Love your beach retreat?......why not take it home?

Do you love the space in your summer retreat?  Does the beach soothe and relax you?  Why not take that feeling home and make a special space or redecorate an entire room? 

A Happy Place!

Here are some ideas from our Pinterest page to help you get started.

  Because sometimes all you need is a comfy chair and a good book....for a change, try painting inside the shelves or the trim white.

 Decorate with colors of summer using these calming Sherwin Williams/Pottery Barn favorites.

   Cool Coastal Blues to curl up with.

  Add pops of beach color into your decor!

 Beach branches and coral to remind you of that serene walk in the early morning or late evening.

  or how about some South Beach Style!

 Surround yourself in these soothing colors of summer.

Check out more of our designer's favorite picks on our Pinterest page here.  Enjoy!  We'd love to hear back from you about how you brought your beach home.

Send us some pictures and share your story with us.

Labor Day 2014 - A weekend full of fun at the beach!

Kick your holiday weekend off this year at the beach with some Beach, Boogie and famous Southern BBQ!

The 8th Annual Beach, Boogie, and BBQ Festival - Friday, August 30 from 6-9:30 pm in Market Common.  Sample tickets are just $1.  Among the many BBQers will be the OMAR Shriners! The Beer and Wine Garden will be open and live entertainment from Wall Street and Jim Quick and Coastline.  Stroll the rows of exciting arts and crafts vendors and support local commerce!  Saturday, August 31 from 12pm-9:30pm return for more fun!  Teams will compete in the Official South Carolina Barbeque Championship from 8-11am.  Purchase a $10 wristband between 12-5pm to sample the BBQ made by the competing teams.  Beer and Wine Garden will be open all day!  Entertainment on Saturday will include The Craig Woolard Band, Ty Brown, EnVision, Atlantic Groove and the ever-entertaining Embers!  Food, Kids area, and arts and crafts vendors open at noon.  End the evening with a fantastic display of fireworks at 9:15pm.  Sunday fun continues from 12-5pm with the Mark Roberts Band and the Mike McCoy Trio.  The Kid Zone will be open with inflatables and games too!


Start celebrating a week early with World Amateur Handicap Championship on Monday, August 25th.  "Now in it's 31st year, the World Amateur Golf Tournament is a golf event like no other in on of the most popular vacation destinations in America!"  This event is an intense 72-hole competition.  Tons of gifts and prizes and award winning nightly parties and entertaining.  Check out more on how to attend or participate here...  The World Am is open to all golfers ages 17 years old and above with a certified USGA handicap or foreign equivalent.  Volunteer opportunities are available too so get involved with an amazing organization for a day of fun!


Shaggers get ready!!!  August 29 and 30, 2014 - Fat Harolds Beach Club hosts Labor Day CSA Shag Contest.  Friday, August 29, club opens at 11am.  Amateur Division with Senior Pro to follow starting at 9pm.  Saturday, August 30, club opens at 11am.  Novice Division with Pro to follow beginning 9pm.  Stay all day and enjoy dinner and drinks at the Shag City Bar and Grill.  Cover charge $5 each night with DJ Butch Metcalf.  Check out more at Fat!


No better way to enjoy the end of summer that at the beach!  Remember at Retreat Myrtle Beach, your four legged friends can always join in the fun too!  Come see us, you come as a guest and leave as family.

Top 5 Excuses for not exercising....We have answers!

1. “I never have enough time” – start by taking a 10 minute walk at lunch time. Whether you are in a 20 story office building or near a beautiful park, walk.

Successful exercisers make exercise a priority.

2. “I am too old” – Before you start aerobic fitness classes at the local gym, consult with your doctor.  He will likely be excited for you and tell you how to begin!

3. “I am not healthy” – Even people with moderate to severe heart disease can safely exercise to build endurance. It will benefit your heart "health"! Consult with your doctor for how to begin.

4. “I am too tired to exercise” – Believe it or not, starting a regular exercise routine can combat the feeling of exhaustion and give you increased energy and stamina. It will also boost your mood by increasing dopamine levels (aka: your "happy" hormone).

5. “I’m not fat, what’s the point” – Sedentary living can make you more vulnerable to cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and premature death.  Any amount of regular exercise can turn that around.  Healthier lifestyle, less pills usually!  Exercise burns calories and fat but also decreases the risk of heart disease, bone loss and many other diseases.

Tips for success:
Keep it simple; don’t overdue it; find friends that will be exercise partners; aim for improvements.  Any exercise is better than none!  The more you do in small amounts will add up quickly and you'll want to do more.  

Once again, consult with your doctor before taking any supplements.

Have fun! How about hula hooping? That's always a fun way to get your heart pumping!

Fad diets don't work. Life changes do!

Todays mainstream has created an instant gratification mentality in us as it relates to Dieting.  The headlines and banner ads on the internet read “Lose 10 pounds in one week” and “Have a Beach Body in less than a month.”  These “crash” diets as I will call them are unrealistic, unhealthy, and need to be debunked.  First, losing that much weight in such a short time can be mostly attributed to water weight, some lean muscle, and not necessarily fat weight.  Losing fat weight is the ultimate goal and cannot be achieved in just one week.   


For simplicity in this brief article, the human body’s weight can simply be divided into two categories:  Lean muscle mass and fat.  If the average female weighs 135 pounds and has 30% body fat, then she has 40.5 pounds of fat (135 lb x .30 = 40.5 lb).  Your doctor, nutritionist, or skin caliper can help you understand your body’s percentage of fat.


Water weight can fluctuate day to day in pounds, which is one of the hidden reasons people get so easily frustrated with their diet plans from day to day when they don’t see immediate results (so STOP stepping on the scale every single day!).  We know that water is vitally important to sustain life and digestion, so depletion is not healthy.  


Some fad diets are proponents of “no carbs” which leaves us with protein and fat sources and water has to be present to aid in digestion.  High protein diets absolutely  must contain equal amounts of water.  How much water?  Above .5 ounce per pound of body weight, so a woman weighing 135 pounds will need 60 to 70 ounces of water per day.  Really no matter what diet you choose, this water formula is a good daily keystone.


Another problem with crash diets is that they often reduce lean body mass before they reduce body fat.  If a woman weighing 135 lbs. (with 30% body fat) hypothetically loses 20 pounds in a month with the new fad diet that does not include resistance or cardio training, then she more than likely sacrificed lean body mass as a greater percentage of fat loss.  Now she weighs 115 pounds with body fat of 27%.  This translates to a net loss of 3% in body fat (approximately 3.75 pounds of body fat weight) and a 16.25 pound loss in lean muscle mass.  The crash diet’s trade-off was not beneficial.


In his book, “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” Tom Venuto states that the word “Diet” implies something you are planning on starting and stopping, once you achieve the desired result.  But Tom goes further to explain that you have to establish a different mentality and create permanent life habits, versus jumping from fad diet to fad diet to achieve results.  Changing your eating habits coupled with an active lifestyle is truly the answer to a healthy life.


Furthermore, a transformation in your body isn’t going to be solved with a diet, it’s only going to be achieved with a transformation in your mind.  Fitness gurus, local trainers, infomercials, and food planning companies have developed great fitness and weight-loss systems that have been proven to work, but if you can’t change your mental and physical habits, then those systems are simply no good.  So let me restate the title of the article, “Fad Diets Don’t Work. Life Changes Do!” and you are worth it!!  


Daytrip to Charming Wilmington

What's better than relaxing at the beach?.....a daytrip adventure!

Just less than an hour from Mytrle Beach is the charming town of Wilmington, NC.  Surrounded by two beaches and the beautiful Cape Fear River, Wilmington hosts a quaint downtown historic riverfront full of waterside dining, shopping, and entertainment.  Downtown RiverWalk offers historic tours, Hollywood East tours revealing actual movie and TV locations both past and present, and relaxing horse drawn carriage tours. 

For the artist at heart, Wilmington has many galleries and eclectic shops that showcase their very own local artist,the late Ivy Hayes and many, many more!  Downtown galleries include ACES Gallery, Acme Art Studio, Art Factory, Bottega Bar and Gallery, Crescent Moon, River to Sea Gallory, Uran Revival and several more.  For a tour guide and more info check out www.artscouncilofwilmington.orgFor the Gardener at heart, you can't miss the Azalea award winning Airlie Gardens, "A Century of Gardens by the Sea".

Stroll down the beautiful Riverwalk and into Old Wilmington City Market at 119 S. Water Street.  Inside this cobblestone walk treasure you find specialty furniture, home decor, and gift stores like Carolina Country Mercantile Store, Barouke, Coastal Vibe, and Suite 10 Eclectic Everything.

My personal favorite is to begin an afternoon with a cup of tea and a lot of southern hospitality at The Wilmington Tea Room. There's always time for shopping beginning there in Chandler's Wharf - and Filthy Rich of Wilmington is a MUST see.  You can continue your shopping adventure downtown on Front Street and end in the many boutique shops inside the Cotton Exchange.  Oh!  Did I forget to mention Downtown Wilmington is very canine friendly!  If you pass over the infamous Port City Java coffee house on front street, you can bring your four-legged friends down to Java Dog Coffee House to hang out with Meme for a cup of Joe and a sweet treat.

End your evening watching the beautiful, breezy sunsets on the River and the Historic Battleship North Carolina in the backdrop.  You'll find everything from Ruth Chris Steakhouse, Elijah's, Riverboat Landing, and my personal favorite Le Catalan French Cafe and Wine Bar.  Their quiche is amazing! 

Wilmington has much to offer!  Drive up for the day of fun and adventure and return to your enticing home-away-from-home at Retreat Myrtle Beach!


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