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DIY Make your glass stovetop shine like new!

Have you tried all the latest, high-priced specialty cleaning products for your glass stovetop??  I have! Yet none have left me with a warm, happy feeling after tons of scrubbing and still seeing those signs of burn marks and a dull finish left after all that labor.  Well......I have good news!!  There's actually a very simple, very easy, and VERY inexpensive way to clean your glass or ceramic top and leave it shiny!


Baking soda

A cleaning cloth (a large one can cover 2 burners )

Dish soap

Gloves (for sensitive hands)



Fill a large bowl with hot water and dish soap.   Then, submerge your cleaning cloth into the water for a minute or so to allow it to soak up water and suds.  While your cloth is soaking in the soapy water, sprinkle baking soda generously over the stovetop.

Next, gently squeeze water out of the cleaning cloth (but not all the water!  You want your cloth to be wet but not sopping).  Place the hot, wet cloth on top of  the baking soda and let it sit for 15 minutes.  (Set your kitchen timer for 15 minutes. Then you can catch up on some other quick tasks)

Once the time is up, gently swirl the cloth around the stovetop using the baking soda paste as a gentle scrub.  Rinse your cloth or use another warm, wet cloth and wipe away any leftover baking soda.  Shine with a dry towel and think happy thoughts!!!  Voila!  Shiny as new!.......til the next time you have a boilover!


Myrtle Beach hosts FIRST Robotics Competition


Once again, Myrtle Beach Convention Center will have the honor of hosting Palmetto Regional FIRST Robotics Competition.  This exciting and challenging "Sport for the Mind" will bring together more than 66 teams of high school students from South Carolina and the surrounding East Coast area.  Showcasing their skills in Science and Technology, students will compete in this high-intensitity, team challenge by weekend developing and operating their own functional robots.

This high energy, multinational competition teams professionals and young people together to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. The program is a life-changing, career-molding experience and a tons of fun for both competitors and spectators alike.

"Colleges, universities, corporations, businesses, and individuals provide scholarships to our participants. Involved engineers experience again many of thereasons they chose engineering as a profession, and the companies they work for contribute to the community while they prepare and create their future workforce. The competition shows students that the technological fields hold many opportunities and that the basic concepts of science, math, engineering, and invention are exciting and interesting."

Don't miss this exciting weekend!  February 26th through 28th, 2015 (Thursday through Saturday).  Doors open at 8am and event is open to the public.  Free admission to spectators.

Come out and see what our future has in store! For more information about UsFIrst and their robotics programs, check out their website with all they have to offer right





Christmas Town USA

Since the Christmas season of 1956, McAdenville, NC has welcomed thousands for it's Holiday revelry.  Now referred to as Christmas Town USA, this small town of less than a thousand permanent residents, holds nothing back when it comes to showing their Christmas spirit.

Elaborate decorations and lights adorn this town and festivities gallore run throughout the season.  Beginning with the Christmas Town 5K, the Yule Log Parade and the Christmas Town Festival, you'll be sure to find a jolly time whenever you visit this town during Christmas.

The Yule Log Parade begins Friday, December 19, 2014 at 5:30pm in front of Pharr Yarns Main Office, in the heart of McAdenville.  This Christmas Tradition allows residents and visitors to follow the Yule Log which is pulled by children on a sled through town to Legacy Park.  The log is lit after being placed in the open fireplace. At this point, the crowd joins in singing Christmas Carols and all the children rustle to get a hand on the rope to help pull the Yule Log through town to it's final destination.

One of the most visited spots in Christmas Town is the lake.  More than 30 beautifully lit trees border this lake and surround a fountain.  Visions of red, green, blue, and amber magically come to life at night with their reflections dancing off the water showing Old Man Winter blowing snowflakes into the air.

More than 200 wreaths adorn the town and lights align almost every nook from beginning to end.  Christmas songs ring loud throughout town from the 80 feet tall steeple on McAdenville Baptist Church.  It truly is a Winter Wonderland!  For directions or more information check out their website here.

Black Friday 2014 Myrtle Beach

Thanksgiving brings warm thoughts of family and friends, great food, and eager plans for Black Friday Shopping!  If you're planning your shopping trip in the Myrtle Beach area this year, check out some of these great local deals! Grab a family member (or four!) and head out for some traditional FUN!  Don't forget to take a few breaks for a warm beverage and tasty food to make your trip even more memorable!  Think of shopping local and giving back to your community.  It really does make a difference.  Happy Shopping and Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Tanger Outlets - Hwy 17 - Begin your Thanksgiving tradition shopping experience early this year at Tanger Outlets!  Located conveniently near Resturant Row, Colonial Mall and Bass Pro Shop, you are sure to find everything you need for this shopping season.  Sales begin at Tanger as early as Thursday evening and then early morning on Black Friday.  Check out the Black Friday deals on their site here.  Click here for a list of restaurants on Myrtle Beach's famous Restaurant Row.

Broadway at the Beach - Just a few miles down the street sits a barrel of fun for all ages and shopping too. Broadway at the beach takes shopping to a whole different level with variety!  Jewelry, gifts, apparal and tons of great food in a fun and exciting atmosphere.  Many stores offering 50% off and more for Black Friday.  Check out their website here for Black Friday Sales!

The Market Common - Myrtle Beach's newest grand shopping area will be doning their streets with holiday sidewalk sales galore on Black Friday!  White House/Black Market offering 30% off entire order, Charming Charles has their amazing $10 Event offering many deals for $10 or less, Centro Shoes has 30-50% entire stock of shoes and boots, Barre Worx offering Holiday special rates on Black Friday, and many more once a year deals at your favorite stores.  Check out more on the Market Common Facebook page.

Coastal Grand Mall - The largest indoor mall in South Carolina has you covered!  You can even visit Santa Claus and adopt an angel at the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  Aberchrombie, Buckle, Dillards, Bath & Body Works, Brookstone, Dick's Sporting Goods and so much more!  You can see a list of every stores Black Friday Deals here.

Ollie's Bargain Outlet - 2100 Oakheart Rd, Myrtle Beach.  Ollie's Bargain Outlet in Carolina Forest will open at 5 a.m. with Black Friday doorbusters while supplies last.  The store will feature tons of toys, games, art supplies, home goods and much more.
Target - 1150 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach and 140 Sayebrook Parkway, Myrtle Beach.  Target will follow the trend this year and open their doors at 6pm on Thanksgiving night.  Then carry on all day Friday with hundreds of Black Friday specials!  For a list of these deals or search check out here.
Walmart - 541 Seaboard Street, Myrtle Beach; 2751 Beaver Run Blvd, Myrtle Beach; 151 Myrtle Ridge Dr., Conway; 545 Garden City Connector, Murrells Inlet.
Walmart will open it's Black Friday event at 6pm on Thanksgiving night with discounts on toys, electronics, home goods, and much more.  Incredible Roll Back prices will continue thru Black Friday.  Check out their many Black Friday Specials here at

Slow down signs of aging

Over our lifetime, we contiually expose our body to things that cause us harm.  These things add up and cause harm by upsetting our body's chemistry balance, damaging tissues, disrupting hormones, compromising immune function, and inhibiting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

According to Dr. William Rawls, these things that cause aging and disease can be referred to as "system disruptors".  Though genetics play a role in defining risk, those genes do not make you sick.  Therefore, we can fight against how our bodies respond to disease, even genetic, inherited disease factors.

Natural herbal supplements are an essential part of this concept.  "When it comes to inhibiting disease, plants have a greater expertise than all the scientists in the world put together!" says Rawls.  Over thousands of years, plants have had to deal with the same problems we have and have developed defense mechanisms against most major threats to them.  Look for supplements containing pure, natural ingredients, vegetable capules when available and no "junk".

So what are these major System Disruptors?  They include:  Poor nutrition, Emotional Stress, Free Radicals and Inflammation, Toxins, Physical Stress, Energy (our body's own naturual energy and background radiation from gamma rays, x-rays and UV radiation), and Microbes.

Simple lifestyle changes such as washing hands frequently and using hand sanitizer, avoiding heavy crowded public places when possible, staying home to rest and hydrate when sick-lessoning the spread of illness, limiting use of cell phones and laptops, increasing exercise (even standing at your desk for 1/3 of your work day), adding calming exercise like yoga or meditation to relieve stress, drinking filtered water and aiming for a diet of 75% organic food will significantly decrease signs of aging and help avoid disease.   

The best thing we can do for our body is to treat it well!  We are what we eat to a large degree.  The more we support our immune system, the better our body can do what it is so capable of doing......healing itself.  We have a choice!  And it can save us money!

Kale: Full of Iron for Energy!

Do you ever wonder if your multivitamin is good enough?  Would you rather learn to eat the vitamin and obtain it the way nature intended?  Here's some help on the power vitamins in some of our favorite foods.

Let's start with the greens.....

Kale:  contains lots of iron for energy and goes well with spinach, lemon, and chard.

Spinach:  lots of fiber and iron.  Pairs with apple, beets, and lemon

Lime:  Detoxifying flavonoids!! Great with cilantro, jalapeno, melon

Cucumber:  Contains potassium!  Get it daily by adding wedges into your water!

Horseradish:  Sinus buster!!  helps clear sinuses and goes well with celery, carrots and lemons

Apple:  filled with cholesterol regulating pectin.  Great in salads, added to 

water, or by itself

Cilantro:  has antibacterial properties! pairs with lime, orange, and tomatoes

Now for the rest of the rainbow.....

Beets:  packed with energy-boosting antioxidants.  Goes well with cucumber, carrot, apple, and lime

Pear:  contains tons of soluble fiber to help with digestion!  Mix with cucumber, celery, leafy greens or water. 

Carrot:  Beta-carotene! Pairs with beet, parsley (which has zinc), and great for juicing!

Orange:  Well known for potassium and vitamin C!  Add grapefruit, lemon, and or cilantro for citrus detox!

Pineapple: Manganese for brain function and bromelain for digestion and anti-inflammatory.  Pairs well with

ginger, leafy greens and most herbs.

Watermelon:  Full of vitamin B6 (essential for healthy metabolism) and goes great with mint, basil, and lime.

Love your beach retreat?......why not take it home?

Do you love the space in your summer retreat?  Does the beach soothe and relax you?  Why not take that feeling home and make a special space or redecorate an entire room? 

A Happy Place!

Here are some ideas from our Pinterest page to help you get started.

  Because sometimes all you need is a comfy chair and a good book....for a change, try painting inside the shelves or the trim white.

 Decorate with colors of summer using these calming Sherwin Williams/Pottery Barn favorites.

   Cool Coastal Blues to curl up with.

  Add pops of beach color into your decor!

 Beach branches and coral to remind you of that serene walk in the early morning or late evening.

  or how about some South Beach Style!

 Surround yourself in these soothing colors of summer.

Check out more of our designer's favorite picks on our Pinterest page here.  Enjoy!  We'd love to hear back from you about how you brought your beach home.

Send us some pictures and share your story with us.


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